Rail Nation Glossary

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The Group of players whom you play together with, otherwise known as a Corporation.



The Group of players whom you play together with, otherwise known as a Association.


End Game (EG)

The top 10 cities will become mega cities after Era 6 and play end game. Each city starts end game with a gap of 30 minutes to 60 minutes between cities in the order they qualified for end game. So the end game starts in the 10th city after 5-6 hours of the 1st city starts it.



Plus Account

The Plus Account gives you various advantages for seven days. Only three directly affect gameplay: the account increases your research speed by 33% and your bank account limit by 100%, both of which are very handy, and it also gives you a cash bonus of 5% of your daily turnover. Several other advantages make your life easier, such as allowing you to upgrade two buildings simultaneously or telling you the hourly profit from various routes your trains could follow to deliver goods, rather than simply listing the prices offered for goods. (The hourly profit is affected by how far away the supplier is; how fast your trains are; how long the waiting time at the supplier is; and whether you have a licence that gives a bonus on those goods. Without a Plus account, you can see it once you have set up a schedule, but not beforehand).


How does pre-registration work?
Pre-registration is unlocked during the End Game (EG). From that moment, you and your association can sign up for the next round of the server. So, you see who’ll be onboard straight away.


Required Good (RG)

Each city has 4 Required Goods (RG) that ALL need be delivered to a certain level at the same time in order to reach the next city level.

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